Healthcare and insurance opportunities for students

[h2]Healthcare and insurance opportunities for students[/h2]

When it comes to healthcare and insurance opportunities it is important to get insured so that you can be cared for in case you are injured or your health deteriorates under any circumstance. Since the US lays stress upon legal rules, regulations and laws when it comes to healthcare and insurance it would be best for all international students to get insurance. Without insurance you would be required to pay quite a lot of money to get cured or even for an operation should you, say, fracture your leg.
There are several countries that offer healthcare and insurance opportunities to students like you. As an F-1 student you would have to get, what is known as, the UW Student Health Insurance Plan if you are studying in the University of Washington. This is mandatory for all of you that have student visas. For those of you who go to the US prior to the effective date of coverage, you would need to get supplemental coverage so that should anything happen to you in this time period, you would be taken care of by the insurance company.
Similarly someone studying in NYU would have to be insured by the University and so, as you will see, every university offers insurance. Healthcare is extremely expensive without insurance and you do not want to be walking around with an injury that could even affect your life.
If you do not want to avail the insurance policies offered by the universities and would prefer to waive it, there are certain terms and conditions that must be present for you to be able to waive the need to be insured- you must be insured by a similar insurance coverage plan or you must maintain a coverage plan greater than the current one.
As a student it is advisable that you do get insurance- especially if you have no family or friends who could take care of you. You never know what might happen when. The insurance policies would cover you for a certain period of time beyond which it must be renewed for a certain fee. Be on the watch out for any deadlines and important dates where insurance is concerned. Do get insurance because this would minimize the cost of surgeries and healthcare. The first thing any hospital would look at is if you are an insured student.