How to apply to Universities in the USA

[h2]How to apply to Universities in the USA[/h2]

If you are someone who is interested in studying abroad but does not know how to apply to universities in the USA, this article is for you. Every country has its own requirements and while some of these are similar, others may vary.
Here are some things you need to do and the answer to how to apply to universities in the US:
• Make a list of the colleges you want to get into
• Check out their requirements or if you happen to be near the college of your choice, visit it
• Ask yourself if you satisfy these requirements or have time to do so
• The SAT tests are important- you must take these no matter which university you plan on going to. Some universities may even require you to take SAT II tests so do your research.
• The TOEFL test is a must for those of you who are applying from countries where English is not your native language as well.
• Get the relevant documents, required by the universities, photocopied- this includes your (or your parents’) bank accounts, college transcripts, grades, extracurricular activities, certificates, ID card, letters of recommendation and GPA and SAT/ACT test scores.
Check out different scholarship programs if you find that the prices are too steep. Different universities offer different scholarships for students from different countries. By way of example Harvard University’s African Student Scholarship would provide support to students from Africa while the Lamont Graduate fellowship would help support graduate students from India, South Asia and the Middle East.
Regardless of which university you apply to, remember to start early and make sure that you research well. Law universities require that you sit through the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) which takes place in October, December, February, and June. Someone looking to get into George Washington University’s Law School or into Harvard University would have to give these tests.
Some schools do not offer scholarships to international undergraduate students that are transferring from another university. John Hopkins University is an example of such a university. The sooner you carry out your research regarding, the better it would be for you
Also remember to write an honest personal statement. Keep it real and personal. Those who go through these would want to know if you are worth accepting and that can only be determined by your personal statement.