International students’ vs. Home Students: What you need to know

[h2]International students’ vs. Home Students: What you need to know[/h2]

Many do know of the differences between international students and home students but then, there are those who presume that the rules, regulations and practicalities that apply to home students apply to them as well whereas this is not the case. As an international student you need to be aware of the fact that your situation would be very different from that of a student with an American passport. For example- while the international student needs to give the TOEFL, the home student does not.
As an international student you would have to pay more when it comes to education. Why? Simply because of the fact that you have to pay for your visa to be able to get to the US and of course, there are travel expenses and such like as well. Also, you may have to pay more (or less, depending upon where you are coming from) for some facilities as opposed to the home student.
You would also have to take language into account. When it comes to US English, this is very different from what some of you may be used to. Some words are different or phrases may be used differently when writing something or even when speaking. For example, an American student would say “cookies” while someone who has graduated from a school where UK English was prevalent would say “biscuits”. Similarly, American students would say “addicting” while a student who studied in a university where British English was prevalent would say “addictive”. Go through American books and watch American movies to get an idea of the way Americans speak. This is extremely important when it comes to writing an essay or a thesis or even when it comes to speaking with the home student or American teachers.
American students are used to a different method of teaching and a different school system as opposed to those of you who come from countries where CIE or other British examinations. You would have to familiarize yourself with the semester system- home students are already used to the pressure. The American school system requires you to be on your toes all the time so you must score well in your examinations, tests, quizzes and assignments to do well. The British follow the annual system whereby the final exam is the only thing that actually matters.