Internships and work placements for students in the US

[h2]Internships and work placements for students in the US[/h2]

As a student it is always good to have interned somewhere or the other in your free time. Internships show you the practical side of the field that you are looking to get into. This would also look impressive on your resume and you could even go back to the same company for a paid job. Usually companies such as Nestle and GlaxoSmithKline are willing to hire students for a few months. You may even get a place to stay if it is out of city or your living, eating and traveling expenses would all be paid for.
Students interested in the field of science and technology could take part in the Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship. This 10 week long internship is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and has helped many students get a clearer perspective on certain topics and subjects. This program is for underrepresented minority men and women pursuing degrees in science, technology, mathematics and engineering. You could apply during the summers. Anyone with or without a student visa could apply for this internship.
The RMIT University offers several work placement students to students who get to learn what it is like to participate in Work Integrated Learning and this would teach them a lot while also increasing their chances of employability.
In addition to this, you could always look for work placements online. Search engines usually would help come up with such opportunities if you type in a few keywords. If you’re a business student you could type in “internship opportunities in (the city or state of your choice)”. Other companies tend to advertise internship opportunities online or in campuses. Watch out for flyers on campus or you could even check out different companies on a weekend to ask around.
For those of you interested in the fashion industry, you could check out websites such as Several companies put up internship opportunities on the website. All you have to do is apply and send in your CV/resume to companies who would consider hiring you. This websites would help you check out different internships in different states and cities and you could contact these companies.
Similarly websites like would help those of you interested in law check out various internships opportunities in various states. Be sure to make your resume beforehand though.