Projects and dissertations: Tips on topics, supervisors and what makes a great piece of work

[h2]Projects and dissertations: Tips on topics, supervisors and what makes a great piece of work[/h2]

Projects and dissertations are one of the most important parts of college. It is upon the basis of these projects and dissertations that your grades would be decided in the end and so, you need to make sure that everything is organized well.
Some tips on how to work on these:
• As a foreign student you could and should stick to those topics that have more to do with foreign countries than the US itself unless you have enough knowledge or material on different topics regarding the USA. A well-versed topic is always better than one that you aren’t familiar with.
• Talk to your supervisors and maintain cordial relationships with them- these guys would know how to help you when it comes to writing your dissertation. If you’re a foreign student they would help you with materials and books regarding your projects and dissertations.
• Always ensure that you pick a topic that you know enough about and a topic for which enough material is available online and/or in books. Some topics may seem easy but when it comes to looking them up online, you may not find any useful information.
• Proofread your projects and dissertations. Sometimes students tend to make the smallest mistakes and though they may seem insignificant, they count for a lot. The reader wants to know that you take your work seriously.
Make at least one to two rough drafts. In the first one you could put the information together and go through it. Check if you can add anything else to it and if you can, do so. Also look for grammatical errors and proofread it. In your second draft you could reorganize everything if the need to do so is there and you could restructure and recompose everything if the need to do so is felt.
Go through different books. Do not make the mistake of restricting your books to your text books- your teachers already know everything that’s in there- they want to see what you can add on your own. Sit in the library and go through different books. You could compare notes with someone who has taken a similar topic but do not copy anything.
This is important- do not, under any circumstances, plagiarize any material because you could actually be expelled. Use Copyscape software to ensure that your work is as original as possible.