Scholarships and Funding: Applications and factors to consider

[h2]Scholarships and Funding: Applications and factors to consider[/h2]

When applying for colleges anywhere in the world, one thing that everyone keeps in mind are the costs. College is expensive- a fact that is known to all but that is why you have scholarships and financial aid and the colleges within the USA are known for providing their students with such relief.
Remember one point when applying to any college- different colleges with the same program (law, medical or any other) have the same tuition fees. Harvard, NYU and George Washington University have the same tuition fee of $53,000 where law is concerned. This is one factor that you must consider. When it comes to applying for scholarships, different colleges offer various kinds of scholarships for different kinds of students. Here are 2 examples:
• Harvard offers the African Student Scholarship which, as the name suggests, is specifically for students from Africa.
• New York University offers students scholarships of up to $5000 and financial aid is available too though you must apply on time. The New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is a grant based upon your income and dependency status.
Colleges usually give scholarships and funding on the basis of competition so if they feel you are more worthy of a grant or scholarship than another student, you are more likely to get it. You are not the only student though- students from all over the world apply to these colleges and so, you should go for colleges that are cheaper, where competition is less and the fees aren’t as expensive either. Just because a university is not in the Ivy League or Top 10 Colleges, do not think of it as inferior in any way.
By way of example, you are more likely to get into Pepperdine University’s business school with a scholarship than you are of getting into Harvard with funding or financial aid. So do consider competitiveness when looking at different universities. The higher a university’s ranking, the more the competitiveness and the harder you would have to work to stand out.
Also, consider your income and bank account. Some universities are willing to provide their applicants with 90% scholarships or with full scholarship. Miami University is an example of a college that is willing to provide students with 100% scholarships though, of course, your academic accomplishments would be taken into account- you’d have to maintain a GPA of 3.0 for renewal.