Student Jobs: Part time jobs while studying

[h2]Student Jobs: Part time jobs while studying[/h2]

As a student, you would have to support yourself and this is where the importance of part time jobs is felt regardless of your location or your choice of university. You have two options when it comes to part time jobs while studying- you could either work online or you could work otherwise. If you were to work online you’d have the liberty of being able to work according to your schedule.
If you are someone who prefers working at a workplace and can handle paperwork, you could always apply for the job of a teacher’s assistant. So long as you have the grades, test scores and GPA your teachers would consider hiring you though, of course, you’ll have to have taken up the course yourself and have done well too. Do maintain ties with your teacher. This is an example of an on-campus job. Be sure to be formally or semi-formally dressed because you want to be presentable to be considered for the job. You may be required to fill in for the teacher if he/she is running late.
Tech-savvy people can always work campus technology support jobs- you would be called in to fix defected computers with hardware issues. Check the computer support department when applying for the job. Generally, you just have to know how to deal with defected hardware.
You could also work as a university book store employee and sell books to your peers. As a student you’d be helpful too because you’d be able to help students decide which books to buy for themselves and if you happen to have taken the same courses as your purchaser, that’d be even better. In addition to this you may be allowed to get books for free or on discount.
Another possibility would be for you to work as a babysitter. Babysitters make a good $15-20 and you could always take your books with you so that you could study and take care of the kids at the same time.
The best part about these jobs is that your employers would look for extremely basic skills in their employees and these are on-campus jobs which mean that you need not spend money on transport. If you work as a babysitter, though, you could strike a deal with your ‘employer’ and ask him to pay for your transport or find someone to work for near your college.