Tips on visa applications

[h2]Tips on visa applications[/h2]

When it comes to applying to US colleges for university, as a foreign student there are several things you need to consider, check and then, double-check to ensure that you do have everything before applying for a visa. Keep in mind the fact that once your documents have gone, the application process has started and it takes time to go through so many applications. If you don’t add certain important details you wouldn’t get the visa and you’d have to defer for a year. That is why it would be helpful to keep these tips on visa applications in mind:
• Get a passport, if you don’t have one and for those of you who need to get theirs renewed, do so as soon as possible.
• Remember that as a student you need to apply for, what is known as, an F-1 (for non-immigrants) visa.
• Watch out for deposits because the universities that you decide to apply to would require you to make. So be sure to send in the amount that they have asked for.
• You would have to give $100 SEVIS fee which goes to the US government. In addition to this you’d have to give a certain amount of money for your visa processing fee.
• Be honest to your interviewer. Tell your interviewer everything about yourself and do not lie. These guys know how to verify facts. Take your passport and your university acceptance letter with you. Also, get a hold of your financial records (or that of your parents depending upon who would be supporting you) to show them you are financially stable enough.
• Provide the visa officer with proof that you have familial ties in your home county.
• Prepare for your visa application a few months in advance. The earlier, the better because that way you get to document and send everything you need to get the visa.
• Prove that you’ve paid the SEVIS and visa processing fee.
These are the tips that you must keep in mind under all circumstances when it comes to applying for a US student visa. Do not forget to start early. Even if you do not intend upon going, say, this year and want to go the next, prepare everything 6 months (at least) in advance and do not leave any detail out. Be confident and answer all questions that the visa officer asks very honestly.