Transportation system for students in the USA

[h2]Transportation system for students in the USA[/h2]

Many students worry about transportation in the US- this applies to, both, locals and international students and your concern is understandable- obviously, you wouldn’t want to spend a ton of money every day just to go to and from university and you have to spend money on other things as well.
As far as the transportation system for students in the USA is concerned, the US is known for its convenient transportation system. Those who can afford buying cars or getting these on leases do so but a majority does not buy the cars either because they cannot afford them or because they prefer public transport.
A large number of students go for the subway because these make it easier for students to travel from one end of a city to another. By way of example, many subways in New York connect Brooklyn to Manhattan. These subways are also fast and cheap so you can get anywhere you want to within a few minutes via the subway. The only thing you need to be aware of is the schedule because every train comes at a different time and departs at a different time.
Many students also use cabs. Though cabs are convenient and would get you to your campus on time, they can also be expensive and so, if you want to travel long distances, you’d have to pay quite a lot of money. These cabs usually charge you by the minute seeing as how the meter system is popular in the US. So, even if, say, you ask the cab to stop for a few minutes, the meter would still be on and you would have to pay up even for the time that the cab was just waiting. In addition to this many people wait for cabs and so, you’d be one of them. However, cab drivers are aware of shortcuts and they know how to get you to your location on time so that is always a good thing for students who want to get to their colleges soon.
Another option for students is to avail buses. You’d have to wait at a bus stop till the bus comes and in some cases they may take time because of distances or because of traffic so you’d have to be prepared in advance.
Generally the bus and subway are the cheapest modes of transportation for students in the US.