Universities by Rank: Top Universities and Best Universities by Subject

[h2]Universities by Rank: Top Universities and Best Universities by Subject[/h2]

The USA is home to some of the top universities in the world. In fact, some of these colleges are so good for certain subjects that choosing a university can actually be difficult. This article should help shed light upon the top universities and best universities by subject to help you decide where you could apply.
These are some of the best medical schools according to QS ratings. These ratings would help you get an idea of where all you could apply for different subjects.
• Harvard University- This university has always been known for its law school and only the best of the best students get admitted to Harvard where law is concerned. This year Harvard’s medical school was Number 1 in the world and in America too.
• John Hopkins University- this university has always been known to offer the best medical program for students interested in medicine. It was Number 2 in America and Number 4 in the world.
• Stanford University- like Harvard, Stanford is another school that has been a popular choice amongst law and business schools. This year it came Number 5 in the world and Number 3 in the US.
For those of you interested in law, here are some of the best universities for you:
• Harvard University- the entire world knows that Harvard has the best law school in the world. Harvard is known to be the best university for those of you who are actually interested in practicing law.
• Yale University- with the second best law department in the world, Yale is known to be a great student for law students who are interested in teaching law or want to study it from a theoretical perspective.
• New York University- apart from having the best drama courses in the world, NYU is also the best college for law students. This is far cheaper than Yale and Harvard. Though NYU isn’t an Ivy League university, it is considered to be just as good as one.
There are a number of amazing liberal arts colleges for those of you who still need to find the right courses too. Currently Amherst is known to be the best liberal arts college and you could take classes in Mount Holyoke, Smith and Hampshire College while studying at Amherst for added experience and for more exposure which would be very beneficial for you.