University Systems in the USA: What you need to know before applying

[h2]University Systems in the USA: What you need to know before applying[/h2]

When applying to a university, anywhere in the world there are certain factors that need to be considered and certain pre-requisites that need to be met.
If you are applying to colleges in the US, here is what you need to know before applying:
• Start early- the earlier you start, the more organized you will get by keeping your grades and attendance up for starters. Yes, attendance does matter.
• Courses- you need to know of the courses that different schools offer. Liberal arts colleges will have a wider choice and more variety as opposed to other colleges which offer courses that are specific to one’s field.
• Examination system- if you are someone who is coming from a country where the British education system is prevalent, familiarize yourself with the examination system. While schools abroad go for the annual system mostly, the semester system is prevalent in American universities.
• Costs- you definitely need to know about costs before applying. That way you can see/decide what sort of scholarship you need to go for or how much financial aid you would need to study in the college(s) of your choice.
• Entrance exams- regardless of where you are coming from or which college you want to get into, every US university requires that you sit the SAT tests.
• Personal statement- make sure that this is actually personal. Instead of taking tips from someone else about what they wrote on, write about something that is personal to you and be concise. Primarily focus upon those aspects of your personality or experience which would show the reader that you are serious about and have what it takes to take your future into your hands. Be confident.
Though what you need to know before applying to an American college isn’t something that is impossible to do, you do have to be smart about it. Many people don’t get into the colleges of their choice because of small mistakes and blunders which they could avoid if they were careful about excluding/including certain material that they should/shouldn’t have.
Most importantly, you need to show these colleges what makes you stand out from all the other thousands of applicants that have applied to the same school. Many people have pristine academic records but do not manage to distinguish themselves from other students because of which they lose out.