Why study in the USA?

[h2]Why study in the USA[/h2]

Everyone knows that the USA is home to some of the best and most famous universities in the world. Why study in the USA? Here are some factors that should shed light upon this topic:
• Since people from all over the world come here you would have multi-cultural experience
• Diversity- you get to study all kinds of courses seeing as how different kinds of universities exist in the USA
• Class size- in most other countries you will see more than 25-30 students but here the class sizes are smaller (10-20 students) and so you will get the personal attention you need
• Students from all sorts of backgrounds and countries come here to study and interaction with them would teach you a lot
• You could go to a community college or to a private one- either way, you would come across all sorts of colleges with different types of fee structures for you
• Financial aid- US colleges are known for their generosity when it comes to admitting students who cannot afford education but meet all the requirements for studying in a good, reputable college.
Apart from this the USA offers different kinds of scholarships for different types of students. You just need to do your research online to figure out the kind of scholarship you want to apply for.
The US is one of the leading countries where research and development is concerned and you get to be taught by some of the best teachers in the world. Universities like MIT and John Hopkins University are always carrying out regarding engineering and in the medical field.
Look through different colleges too. A college like Harvard University would cost LLM students $78,845 this year, provided you are living on campus and eating there. The good news is that more than 80% of the applicants do get financial aid though this depends upon how much they need it.
Then you’ve got the George Washington University Law School where the fee amounts to a total of $70,449 if you are living on campus though you can apply for the Presidential International Scholarship as an international student- all international students, applying for undergrad are eligible for the scholarship.
Nature-lovers would really enjoy themselves as these universities have beautiful and big gardens. Yale University has amazing gardens where many students sit and enjoy themselves in the winters or they study there.

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