Work Permit: A list of companies offering sponsorships

[h2]Work Permit: A list of companies offering sponsorships[/h2]

Anyone who is not an American national but would like to work in the US. Such individuals require a work permit which is formally referred to as an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) so that they can work legally in the US. Initially it was difficult to find companies that would be willing to sponsor people who didn’t work in the United States- most of them were apprehensive about sponsoring visas. Now, some companies do exist that are willing to offer work permits and provide sponsorships to international students in US, regardless of where they may be from.
Here are some examples:
• Microsoft
• Bloomberg
• Deloitte
• Carner Health
These are just examples of some companies that would be willing sponsor your work permit. Smaller companies may not be as willing to do so because of the repercussions, technicalities and policies involved. The good thing about work permits is that they allow you to work for companies for a certain time period. There would be certain stipulations attached to getting a work permit like you may be expected to work for the company for, say, ten years and if you think you’d prefer going back to your home country and working there instead, its best that you discuss this with whosoever hires you.
Some companies that hire foreign students may even be willing to help you get your green card after a certain time period. These companies would be very generous and would help you in many ways. The thing about work permits is that companies would usually have to justify themselves for hiring you to the immigration office. Some of these companies are willing to hire foreign students because of the fact that such people are willing to work for a cheaper rate as opposed to those residing within America.
Usually it is always a good idea to intern at these companies first. These companies are usually more comfortable with hiring familiar faces and your previous work experience with them would make it easier for them to justify their decision to hire you to the immigration office. Do choose to work for these companies because these companies would make it possible for you to get the work permit and their recommendations and decision to hire you would also have a positive impact upon the immigration office’s decision to allow you to get the work permit despite being an international student with an F1 visa.