Guides for writing study abroad essays and personal statements


Tips for writing study abroad personal essay

For those of you who have chosen a school that requires a personal statement or essay in your application, you can easily fulfil that request by knowing what is expected in a personal statement or essay and how you can provide that. Below are a couple of guides you can use to make your writing concise and appropriate.

1. How to write your personal statement/essay to convey purpose

Why you wish to study abroad is an obvious indicator of your success in a foreign country. The school will simply want to know what drove you to make the study abroad decision and how you expect studying abroad to affect your life. Like on any cover letter, be sure to explain what you makes you a strong candidate for the program. Also mention how you learned about the specific school or agency you are using.

2. How to write your personal statement/essay with character

Injecting your personable side is also part of the statement or essay. While maintaining formality, make sure that your readers can see your enthusiasm and understand why you are motivated to study in their country. Without a phone interview, your writing is the only glimpse the school or agency will have into your personality and writing ability. Be sure to show both of those off as much as you can. An essay is typically expected to be between one and two pages in length, allowing you plenty of opportunity to introduce yourself. The statement is rather harder, necessitating a very thoughtful process in which you condense all the requirements into a few sentences.

3. How to write your personal statement/essay to exchange information

While explaining your motivations and expressing your personality, you will also have to be as informative as possible. Your readers are not looking for a short story, but more of a precise introductory letter. Let them know if you have previous experience abroad. Also explain why you have chosen the major you have and how their school can help you continue its study. If you have any special needs, these too are essential bits of information you are expected to provide. Thankfully, you will likely be asked specific questions that you can work with.